Manuscripts of the Lombard Laws

The following pages presents an overview of a selection of manuscripts containing copies of the Lombard laws. The manuscripts are primarily sorted by the different versions of the Lombard Laws and within those headings in the approximate data order of their production. Links are given to digital images, where they are freely available online, and, where I have produced a description of the manuscript, it may be downloaded as a PDF.

Please note, this list does not pretend to be complete, but instead shows those manuscripts which I have undertaken codicological research on (currently the manuscripts of the Liber Papiensis). This website is therefore very much an ongoing project.

The Liber Papiensis (Liber legis langobardorum)

Descriptions are shared subject to a Creative Commons License (CC-BY), meaning that the information may be freely used and built upon as long as I, Dr. Thomas Gobbitt, am attributed as author, and any changes from the original are noted. (a human-readable summary of the license may be found here).


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